Frank Calise

Senior Software Engineer
Infinite Red

Frank Calise is a Senior Software Engineer and has worked at Infinite Red for 2 years. Frank began dabbling with React Native back in 2018 and jumped on it full-time in 2020. He's been an early adopter of Expo and an open-source contributor, especially when it comes to Ignite. When not hammering the keyboard, you can catch Frank rolling on the mats attempting to solve another endless problem, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Navigating the Last Mobile Mile

Explore the "last mobile mile" to make your React Native app feel native on iOS and Android, covering font scaling, dark mode theming, accessibility, keyboard interactions, home screen widgets, and more, while leveraging Expo Modules API and Config Plugins.

Workshop Details

Leveling up on the New Architecture

Explore the New Architecture in-depth and equip yourself and your team with knowledge about its impact, as well as common troubleshooting tactics. Gain the confidence to seamlessly adopt it in your app.