Krystof Woldrich

Software Engineer

I'm an enthusiastic software developer who codes by heart and believes in a bright mobile future. I studied Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interactions at Czech Technical University in Prague. Before mobile, I focused on signage (smart) TVs. I worked on multi-platform SDK for remote device management. This SDK includes support for Windows, Web OS, Tizen, and others. A large portion of the code I wrote during this period is closed-source. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the contribution to libraries I used and found issues in (for example p-memoize). Following that, I moved to Vienna, where I joined Sentry's Mobile team, focusing on the React Native SDK. During the SDK development, I worked on mixed stack traces for Turbo Modules, which I implemented in the React Native repository (released in 0.73). This feature enables the developer to capture errors-including both Objective-C or JVM and JavaScript stack trace, linking the JS error to the platform cause. I also worked on Hermes JavaScript profiling in production, integrating the Hermes sampling profiler with the Sentry Profiling offering. A recent project was deprecating `sentry-expo` and bringing better out-of-the-box experience directly in `@sentry/react-native`.

Talk recording coming soon

It Worked on My iPhone 15 Pro Max…

This talk will focus on the challenges of debugging applications that are live, particularly when you receive nebulous user feedback, and an error is something in the backend that is hard to discover through traditional reproduction.

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