Mark Rickert

Principal Software Engineer
Infinite Red

Mark combines 15 years in software development with experience in a breadth of industries from e-commerce to hardware prototyping. His degree in Management Information Systems further informs his ability to understand the multiple levels on which an app needs to achieve success. A full-time nomad, voracious traveler, and leggings enthusiast, Mark skydives and BASE jumps in locations around the world.

Talk recording coming soon

Outrage-Driven Development To Take Your React Native App Up a Level

Let’s face it, we all have a little bit of outrage inside us. But did you know you can channel that energy into creating amazing React Native apps? Join this talk to learn the basics of “Outrage Driven Development” (ODD) and discover how to become an ODD developer. Don’t suppress your outrage any longer - let’s turn it into a productive force and become ODD masters together! Get ready to revolutionize your app development game with the power of ODD.

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