Nikolai Aristov

Senior Software Engineer

Nikolai Aristov is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, specializing in the development of foundational shared libraries for Microsoft 365 applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With a deep passion for enhancing customer experiences, Nikolai is dedicated to improving the core functionality of these essential applications. Recently, Nikolai has been at the forefront of integrating React Native into the Microsoft 365 desktop application suite. His efforts focus on streamlining React Native developer workflows for creating new features within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including supporting Fast Refresh, debugging, JavaScript bundle management, and performance.

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React Native for Desktop in Microsoft Word

Discover how Microsoft brought an existing premium feature from the Word Web App into Word Desktop Apps with the help of React Native for Windows and macOS. Join us to learn how React Native can empower your own new or existing native desktop applications.

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