All hands on deck: the RN Community experience

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A useful metaphor for the React Native project is that of a huge ship. Operating such a vessel is a massive effort, that requires many people running back and forth the deck hoisting the sails and lowering the anchor - but also rowers, cooks, and skippers just to mention a few. During my two years on this journey, as a developer not working for FB, I've experienced and participated in the evolution of the project from a unique vantage point. I could tell tales for days of the many seas we've been through, the high waves and the storms we've weathered - but one constant has been the help provided from other sailors like me, part of the community. The collaboration with the RN team allowed for increasingly more complex roles and projects to ship - and we are all but done. So I want to raise a glass to these companions, and through my narration showcase what the community accomplished - and the new horizons we are steering towards.

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