Local AI with CoreML and TensorFlow Lite - and More!

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Machine Learning can sound like it is just for big machines with lots of GPUs. But you can execute ML models on your phone! From React Native! And it's not that hard! We'll skip the neural network charts and focus directly on technologies that can run on your phone today to do cool things like: 1. Classify an image based on what you are looking at - and apply that information through a render prop updated in real time! 2. Use a prop to apply a feedforward ""generator"" to make instant art from an image or viewfinder preview - fast! The talk will cover CoreML and Tensorflow Lite, which allow ML models to run locally on iOS and Android as well as some other angles on deep learning technologies that approach the problem a different way. At the end of this presentation, the audience will have some practical ideas of what they can do with ML, and knowledge of tools that make it easier to integrate artificial intelligence into their react-native projects.

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