Reviving a Codebase: Our 3-Week React Native Rescue Mission

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Join me in this 10-minute talk as I share my experience of navigating the challenges of rewriting an app's codebase in just three weeks using React Native. By some this could be seen as Mission Impossible, but this is a tale of a success; a rescue mission to create a thriving codebase! I'll delve into the steps we took to identify the need to re-write, the obstacles we were facing without, as well as the process we took to feel empowered in our code base. Together, we'll explore the strategies my team utilized, as well as the tools and techniques we used that helped us have confidence in the rewrite, re-deploy, and automation of the new app version. I'll share valuable tips and best practices for developers who may find themselves in similar situations, needing to salvage and rejuvenate aging(or not) codebases. Don't let an existing code base prevent you from having the best possible developer experience. Find the joy and take ownership of your code base. Learn from our real-world experience, how you too could breathe life into your code. Come along as we uncover the nuances of overcoming even the most daunting codebase challenges, one step at a time.

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