// TODO // FIXME: Real Strategies To Modernize a Legacy React Native Project

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Or, “How to Do All The Things We Wish We Could Do to Improve a Legacy React Native Codebase but Never Get Around to Doing, in just 43-and-a-half Easy Steps!” This talk is about practical, working strategies for doing things like: - converting a big JS project to TS, without losing velocity - converting all old testing tools & patterns to modern ones, without losing coverage and confidence - integrating an app-wide design system, in a project that doesn't have one - migrate a monolith project repo into a modern monorepo - how to avoid the XKCD Standards trap when bringing in the new hotness - how to make the argument to management to spend time addressing tech debt ...and maybe more as time allows These strategies are based on a few different years-long projects and codebases as well as a over a decade of working with startups and spaghetti-code-is-why-we-cant-ever-release-stuff-fast-and-stable-please-help gigs. Here's hoping this is the nerdiest, feel-good, everybody-can-(maybe-embarrassingly)-relate motivational story talk of the year!

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